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No Job too Big, No Job too Small, The Remodeling Company of NC Does It All!

The Remodeling Company Now Offers Financing Through Enhancify

TRC of NC is offering a 60-second application process through Enhancify; a leader in financing with contractors worldwide.
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With more efficient door installation, you are lowering the workload of your heating system as well as reducing electric bill costs for your home! From shower doors to sliding doorframes and side lights, The Remodeling Company Of Wake County can install, replace, and repair your property's doors.

We can also accent your new doors home with beautiful windows! Our custom built windows are an easy and cost efficient way to enhance your curb appeal! We proudly offer energy efficient windows to keep the temperature in the building consistently comfortable while saving you money in utilities. Contact our team today to learn more about all of our window options! 

Roofers Knightdale, Roofers Raleigh, Roofers Wake Forest, Roof Installation, Roof Repair, TRC of NC, The Remodeling Company Roofing
Roofers Knightdale, Roofers Raleigh, Roofers Wake Forest, Roof Installation, Roof Repair, TRC of NC, The Remodeling Company Roofing


Do you suspect damage to your roof or to your home's exterior? Contact our team of professionals to perform a drone inspection service for you. Using our high resolution camera and drone technology, we are able to thoroughly examine the exterior of your home for any damage or deterioration. Unlike other roofing companies, we use drone technology for our inspections rather than sending a person up to your roof who can cause further damage by applying unnecessary weight or even possibly pulling up shingles just to make a profit.  During our drone inspection, we evaluate your roof, gutter system, and the siding of the building. Our team can then provide a FREE estimate of what needs to be repaired on your home. Contact our team today to learn more!

Roofers Knightdale, Roofers Raleigh, Roofers Wake Forest, Roof Installation, Roof Repair, TRC of NC, The Remodeling Company Roofing
Roofers Knightdale, Roofers Raleigh, Roofers Wake Forest, Roof Installation, Roof Repair, TRC of NC, The Remodeling Company Roofing


What would you do if you suspect a leak or damage to your roof? Call The Remodeling Company! A roof that needs fixing should not be ignored, as over time it will worsen and become a more expensive roof repair. Our experts can come out and advise you on what types of repair your roof may need. We warranty our roofing shingles for every roofing project we perform. Whether your roof has experienced hail damage, storm damage, or wind damage, we have the experience and the tools to repair your roof back to its original state! 



Have you noticed a blue or green growth on your roof? This growth is most likely roof algae that can grow on your roof leaving stains and streaking that can be hard to remove without professional help. The Remodeling Company proudly provides roof replacement services for our residential clients. Roofs are made to last for years, but there always comes a time when they need to be completely replaced. We also take such great pride in our work that we provide a 15 year labor and material guarantee, lifetime limited material warranty. Our team of professionals can help you determine what option would be best for your residential roof replacement. We proudly use ATLAS asphalt shingles which come with a lifetime guarantee on roof algae. Our ATLAS Shingles contain 500% more copper than any other company which eliminates the roof algae altogether and making for a harder roof.
Interior and Exterior Painting Raleigh, TRC of NC Raleigh, The Remodeling Company Raleigh, Painters Raleigh, TRC of NC Painters Raleigh and Knightdale
Interior and Exterior Painting Raleigh, TRC of NC Raleigh, The Remodeling Company Raleigh, Painters Raleigh, TRC of NC Painters Raleigh and Knightdale


Let's get painting! Painting the interior and exterior of your building can bring a fresh, new look to your space. Instantly boost your curb appeal by trusting The Remodeling Company to provide your home with a fresh coat of paint! Our crew can remove rotting wood from your home, replace it, and provide a new coat of paint. Contact our team today to discuss your next project and to receive a free estimate.
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The Remodeling Company proudly provides quality siding repair and replacement services. Siding that is missing, loose, cracked, or broken can lead to a host of other problems and it’s important for homeowners to ensure all siding is properly fixed, replaced and maintained. Not only does siding provide protection against the elements, siding also makes your home energy efficient and beautiful. Proper siding can be vital in creating energy efficiency and providing protection to your building's structure. For all of your siding repair and replacement needs, contact The Remodeling Company of Raleigh NC

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Do you have a deck that is falling apart or in need of a repair? The team at The Remodeling Company of Wake County can help! We use quality decking materials for our projects to make sure your investment lasts for years to come. We can work on any size deck with any size budget. Give yourself and your company a great outdoor space to enjoy. Contact our team today to get started! 

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Strong winds, harsh storms and cold winters take a toll on your home's gutters. Over time the constant wear and tear can cause damage to your gutters and downspouts leaving gaps between your roof, exterior walls and gutters. If untreated, water can eventually find its way into your home seeping into walls and windows causing mold and water damage to the wood, drywall and even floors. If ignored it can even compromise the structural integrity of your home. The gutter professionals with The Remodeling Company are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools needed to fix your gutters and avoid costly damage to your home. Contact our team today to get started.

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The Remodeling Company can also provide trim repair services. Interior trim work is the molding used to frame walls, windows, doors, floors, even ceilings; adding interior trim helps to define the architectural style of a room. The Remodeling Company of Raleigh can repair any trim in your home including baseboards, fireplace mantles, coffer ceilings, wainscoting and more! Contact our team today to learn more about our trim services. 



90% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace. Is there a musty or mold smell throughout your home? Or have you discovered standing water, constant moisture, or a mold or mildew problem under your home? The answer to those problems may lie in the crawlspace under your home. The crawlspace under your home lies between the ground and the first floor of the structure. This space is where you can usually find duct work, insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring and other necessary equipment to keep your home running like it should. With a crawlspace encapsulation service, our IICRC certified team will provide full coverage of the ground with a barrier to protect against moisture buildup. If you have a mold or mildew problem in your crawlspace, it will eventually end up inside your home and could be making you and your family sick! Many allergies and asthma cases are known to have stemmed from mold and mildew in your crawlspace! Our encapsulation services include but are not limited to: 
  • Sealing and repairing crawl spaces against moisture
  • Installing vapor barriers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Mold removal / remediation
  • Insulating foundations

Contact us today to schedule your crawl space service!

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