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Eliminate Fraud & Liability With Drone Inspections by The Remodeling Company of the Triangle!

Using UAV's (drones) to inspect roofs is an effective way to increase speed, safety, and accuracy during your home's roof inspection. Why should you choose The Remodeling Company's Drone Inspection? Here are the top reasons:

  • Reduce Inspection Time: utilizing drone inspections on average only takes 10-30 minutes dependent on the size of the roof. No time spent on having to set up heavy equipment.
  • Reduce Safety Risk(s): In using conventional manual methods, the risk(s) increase with the complexity of the roof design and height. Risks include falls from the access equipment such as ladders, collapsing roofs, electrocution, getting stuck in confined spaces, etc.
  • Better and Actionable Data: With drones, it is possible to inspect and deliver results much faster, leading to a quicker decision-making process.
  • Accurate and Repeatable Inspections: Finding indications or signs of leaks, insulation breakdown, and other defects on a roof is usually a challenge especially with the naked eye if it is not visible. Our drones have relevant sensors which can help them to see the indicators of a leak, insulation breakdown, and other roof defects.

Please Note: The Remodeling Company strives to complete a drone inspection first; there is the possibility our crew may still have to manually inspect your roof if we assume there may be damage the drone images did not catch.

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